Angel Law Forum

Past Events and Presenters

April 29, 2004
After a one-year sabbatical, the April 29th event was a hit. Our presenters included:

Everview - Technology that guarantees the Viewability and the Legal Integrity of extremely long-term, electronically archived documents.
HandHeld Entertainment - Developer of ZVUE!™, a handheld video and audio player.
Betty Mills - Online janitorial supply.
The Coliseum at Morgan Hill - Full-service sports complex.
Microchip Café - A neighborhood computer services center.
Zonda, Inc. - Health sciences innovations.
Pay It Safe - A privacy-assured payment card.

April 24, 2003
After six years of the Angel Law Forum, we decided to do things a bit differently, so for our 21st ALF event, we hosted a group of small wineries in lieu of entrepreneurial companies. The evening was well received, and attendees were treated to samples of RustRidge, Reynolds Family, Signorello, Luna and Casa Nuestra wineries. It was a pleasure to see many of our old friends as well as new attendees, and to chat with them about their businesses and the state of early-stage fundraising in the current economic climate.

October 24, 2002
Optimum Communications Intelligent routing technology for Internet and telecom service providers.
Active Index Advisors Investment advisory services using index-type tools for separately managed accounts.
Envirosystems, Inc. Highly effective, nontoxic, noncorrosive disinfectant and other biochemical products.
Paperless POBox Postal mail over the Internet.

April 25, 2002
Mobile Support, Inc. Remote learning systems for out-of-office workers.
Sugarshots, Inc. Proprietary liquefied sugar sweetening agent for premium coffee and tea market.
PatentCafe, Inc. Multinational patent database and patent analysis tools.
X5 Microsystems, Inc. Serial ATA semiconductor technology for computer disk drives.
Sítoa Corporation Web-based sales channels for brick and mortar enterprises.
D.J. Allen & Associates Products and services for network management and infrastructure security.
Aztec Wireless Technologies, Inc. Hand-held "MiniTron" for content-rich data at sporting events.
Decorations for Generations, Inc. Manufacturers of ReddyStake tree stake and other products for professional landscapers, municipalities and home gardeners.

January 31, 2002, Inc. Auto dealer finance and accounting management systems.
Creation Technologies, LLC Creators of the Pixbox, a complete video editing system in a suitcase.
Genisar Corporation Remote software collaboration tools.
Global Customer Solutions Full-service CRM and customer support solutions.
Sputnik, Inc. Proprietary firewalled wireless networking with unique roaming capabilities.
Synthespia, Inc. Database-driven video advertising software.
Vuppet, Inc. Game controllers custom-moldable to suit individualized game requirements.

October 25, 2001
Customer Manufacturing Group Sales process management tools.
Digital Diagnostic Systems, LLC Portable digital imaging system for on-site inspection of microorganisms.
Medical Dynamics LLC Foot circulation stimulating device.
Olliance Consulting Group LLC Open source software consulting firm.
PipeDream MetaSystems, Inc. Natural language database management systems.
Proximity File Peer-to-peer networking for business applications.
Wrench Science, Inc. Software-based tools for spec'ing and sizing custom bicycles.

July 26, 2001
Click Safety Web-based safety training for businesses.
Quantum Private Assets, LLC Discussing investment opportunities in various enterprises.
Safedocs, Inc. Electronic document management system for the mortgage industry.
Sage Circle Subscription-based corporate knowledge provider for executives.
Wylus, Inc. Voice over Internet Protocol telephones.

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